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  • IPEN-DOC 15737

    ZAMPIERI, M.C.T.; SAIKI, M. ; TAVARES, A.R.; MELO de PINNA, G.F.A.. Absorcao e translocacao do calcio, cobalto, ferro, potassio e zinco em plantulas de Aechmea blanchetiana (Baker)LB, Smith, bromeliaceae, cultivadas in vitro, em meios contendo concentracoes crescentes de Zn. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ECOTOXICOLOGIA, 11., 19-23 de setembro, 2010, Bombinhas, SC. Resumos... 2010.

    Palavras-Chave: plants; cultivation techniques; in vitro; calcium; potassium; zinc translocation; neutron activation analysis; cobalt; iron


  • IPEN-DOC 24971

    SILVA, R.A.; LEAL NETO, R.M. ; COUTINHO, G.C.S.; LEIVA, D.R.; ISHIKAWA, T.T.; KIMINAMI, C.S.; BOTTA, W.J.. Absorption and desorption properties of the Mg + X wt.%TiFe composite, X = 2.5 and 40, manufactured by high-energy ball milling. In: LATIN AMERICAN CONFERENCE ON METASTABLE AND NANOSTRUCTURED MATERIALS, 7th, March 19-22, 2017, Brotas, SP. Abstract... 2017.

    Abstract: This work compares the absorption and desorption properties of the Mg + TiFe composite with additions of 2.5 and 40 wt. % TiFe. The composite was produced by high-energy ball milling during 36 h at 600 rpm under purified argon atmosphere. The TiFe was previously milled in ethanol absolute to refine the particle size. The composites materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The kinetics of hydrogen absorption and desorption were evaluated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and by a Sievert´s type apparatus. For both evaluated compositions, the main results revealed that it was possible absorb H2 at room temperature. Even a few TiFe content (2.5 wt. %) was enough to obtain kinetic improvements. The TiFe had an important role in the kinects of H2 absorption of Mg in a broad range of temperatures, including room temperature.


  • IPEN-DOC 08046

    ZEZELL, D.M. ; BACHMANN, L.; DIBOLD, R.; HIBST, R.. Absorption band characterization by FTIR spectroscopy of dentin tissue irradiated by erbium laser at sub-ablative energy densities. In: CONGRESS OF THE GERMAN SOCIETY FOR LASER DENTISTRY DGL, 10th, May 17-20, 2001, Vienna, Austria. Abstracts... 2001. p. 12-13.

    Palavras-Chave: lasers; erbium; dentin; irradiation; fourier transform spectrometers; infrared radiation; energy density; teeth; cattle; dentistry


  • IPEN-DOC 10016

    FELINTO, M.C.F.C. ; PARRA, D.F. ; LUGAO, A.B. ; YAMAURA, M. ; SILVA, M.P.; CAMILO, R.L; HIGA, O.Z. ; SAMPAIO, L.C.. Absorption of labelled I-125 albumin on magnetic polymeric microspheres MnMagBead. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON IONIZING RADIATION AND POLYMERS, 6th, Sep. 25-30, 2004, Houffalize, Belgium. Abstract... 2004.

    Palavras-Chave: composite materials; polymers; coatings; manganese; precipitation; methacrylic acid esters; sodium hydroxides; proteins; absorption; iodine 125; albumins; gamma spectrometers


  • IPEN-DOC 23299

    CARVALHO, S.G.M.; MUCCILLO, E.N.S. ; MUCCILLO, R. . AC electric field-assisted sintering of stabilized zirconias. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CERAMICA, 61., 04-07 de junho, 2017, Gramado, RS. Resumo... 2017. p. 1494-1494.

    Abstract: Green pellets of ZrO2:3 mol% Y2O3 and ZrO2: 10 mol% Sc2O3:1 mol% CeO2 were sintered by applying AC (500 Hz – 1.1 kHz) electric fields (typically 100 during the first stage sintering stage (T < 1200oC). The experiments were carried out positioning the specimens inside a vertical dilatometer with platinum disks acting as electrodes in a capacitor-like setup. The shrinkage level was controlled by monitoring the dilatometer gauge. Under the same conditions of temperature and magnitude of the applied AC voltage, the results show that the higher is the frequency of the electric field, the higher are the attained shrinkage and apparent density. Microstructural analyses of surfaces of the flash sintered specimens show that the average grain size also depends on the frequency of the electric field for the same sintering temperature, sintering time, applied electric field and electric current limit. We propose that increasing the frequency of the electric current pulse (resulting from the applied electric field) leads to an increase of charge carriers collisions, therefore increasing the amount of Joule heating delivered to the specimen, which is the primary phenomenon responsible for the densification of the specimens.


  • IPEN-DOC 16303

    MACHADO, ANA C.H.R.; ROGERO, SIZUE O. ; LUGAO, ADEMAR B. . Acai berry oil immobilization in hydrogel membranes. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON IONIZING RADIATION AND POLYMERS, 8th, 12-17 de outubro, 2008, Angra dos Resis, RJ. Abstract... 2008. p. 110.

    Palavras-Chave: pvp; hydrogels; membranes; fruits; berries; oils; skin; therapy; biological regeneration; swelling


  • IPEN-DOC 02931

    MELO, A.M.M.A.; OKAZAKI, K. ; KAWANO, T.. Acao da radiacao gama de sup(60)Co sobre embrioes de biomphalaria glabrata (say, 1818). In: 11a. REUNIAO ANUAL DA FEDERACAO DE SOCIEDADES DE BIOLOGIA EXPERIMENTAL, 21-24 de agosto, 1996, Caxambu, MG. Resumo... 1996. p. 216.

    Palavras-Chave: embryos; molluscs; gamma radiation; cobalt 60; radiation induced mutants; malformations


  • IPEN-DOC 06190

    REZENDE, S.B.; RIBEIRO, M.S. ; GARCIA, V.G.; MALDONADO, E.P.. Acao do diodo laser emitindo em 830 nm sobre o processo de cicatrizacao de lesoes cutaneas: estudo biometrico e histologico em ratos. In: CONGRESSO INTERNACIONAL DE LASER E NOVOS RECURSOS EM ODONTOLOGIA, 2, 27-29 jun, 2002, Sao Paulo, SP. Resumos... 2002. p. 23.

    Palavras-Chave: lasers; semiconductor lasers; radiation effects; wounds; healing; skin; mice; histology


  • IPEN-DOC 09284

    MAGALHAES, M.F.; MATSON, E.; ROSSI, W. ; ALVES, J.B.. Acao do laser de Nd:YAG no selamento dos tubulos dentinarios cervicais. In: ENCONTRO DE PERIODONTIA - PROFESSOR JUAREZ CORREA DA SILVEIRA, 3., 28-30 nov, 2002, Belo Horizonte, MG. 2002.

    Palavras-Chave: lasers; neodymium lasers; irradiation; in vitro; teeth; dentin; morphological changes; therapy; therapeutic uses; dentistry


  • IPEN-DOC 17985

    ARAUJO, M.M.; MARCHIONI, E.; VILLAVICENCIO, A.L.C.H. ; ZHAO, Z.; ZIMMERMANN, P.; EL-KHOURY, E.; BERGAENTZLE, M.. Accelerated solvent extraction and hplc quantification of folic acid in fortified wheat flours. In: EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, November 9-11, 2011, Berlin, Alemanha. Abstract... 2011.

    Palavras-Chave: folic acid; solvent extraction; high-performance liquid chromatography; wheat; flour


  • IPEN-DOC 13596

    OLIANI, W.L.; PARRA, D.F. ; LUGAO, A.B. . Accelerated weathering test of HMS-PP. In: FRENCH-BRAZILIAN MEETING ON POLYMERS, 2nd, April 20-25, 2008, Florianopolis, SC. Abstract... 2008. Orientador: thermal degradation.

    Palavras-Chave: polypropylene; melting points; weatheling; sun; visible radiation; ultraviolet radiation; mechanical properties


  • IPEN-DOC 13421


    Palavras-Chave: polypropylene; thermal degradation; gamma radiation; weathering; thermal treatments; oxidation; mechanical properties


  • IPEN-DOC 13595

    RODRIGUES, L.N. ; TORETI, D.L.; MENEGUSSI, G.; SILVA, M.A.; RUBO, R.; SANTOS, G.R.. Acceptance and commissioning in radiosurgery: problems and solutions. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN RADIATIONM ONCOLOGY, Vienna. Abstract... 2008.

    Palavras-Chave: surgery; radiotherapy; quality assurance; linear accelerators; implementation; phantoms; dosimetry


  • IPEN-DOC 13574

    TORETI, D.L.; RODRIGUES, L.N. ; MENEGUSSI, G.. Aceite e comissionamento de um sistema de radiocirurgia. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE FISICA MEDICA, 13., 2-5 de junho, 2008, Belo Horizonte, MG. Resumo... 2008.

    Palavras-Chave: surgery; radiotherapy; linear accelerators; dosimetry; ionization chambers; comparative evaluations


  • IPEN-DOC 18641

    RIBEIRO, A.P.; FIGUEIREDO, A.M.G. ; FIGUEIRA, R.C.L.; OSMAN, J.O.; WASSERMAN, J.C.. Acid volatile sulphide (AVS) and simultaneously extracted metals (SEM) procedure compared to attenuation model to assess heavy metal mobility in sediments from Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeio, Brazil. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE ANALYSIS OF GEOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATERIALS, 8th, September 16-20, 2012, Buzios, RJ. Abstract... 2012. p. 101.

    Palavras-Chave: brazil; bays; sediments; contamination; heavy metals; acidification; sulfides; volatility; extraction; environmental impacts


  • IPEN-DOC 26051

    DIAS, A.J.R. ; VILELA, A.N. ; VICENTE, R. ; DELLAMANO, J.C. . Acidentes radiológicos: dados que auxiliam a proteção radiológica. In: INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE RADIO, September 16-20, 2019, São Paulo, SP. Resumo expandido... Maringá, PR: Sociedade Brasileira de Proteção Radiológica, 2019.


  • IPEN-DOC 08522

    BORRELLY, D.F.; WIEBECK, H.; MACHADO, L.D.B. . Acompanhamento de envelhecimento natural e artificial de poliestireno e de poliestireno de alto impacto por DSC - avaliacao de tensoes. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ANALISE TERMICA E CALORIMETRIA, 3., 7-11 abr, 2002, Pocos de Caldas , MG. Resumos... ABRATEC, 2002, 2002. p. 215.

    Palavras-Chave: polystyrene; aging; calorimetry


  • IPEN-DOC 04799

    GUARNIERI, M.C.; VASCONCELOS, C.M.L.; SOUZA, A.M.A.; CHAVES, M.E.C.; ARAUJO, E.A.; ROGERO, J.R. . Action of free radicals on Bothrops jararaca venom irradiated with gamma rays in scavencers presence. In: 22nd REUNIAO ANUAL DA SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE BIOQUIMICA E BIOLOGIA MOLECULAR, May 1-4, 1993, Caxambu, MG. Abstract... 1993. p. S-40.

    Palavras-Chave: snakes; venoms; gamma radiation; radicals


  • IPEN-DOC 25513

    GUILHEN, S.N. ; ORTIZ, N. ; IZIDORO, J.C. ; FUNGARO, D.A. . Activation of biochar obtained from slow pyrolysis of the macauba coconut residue for removing uranium from aqueous solutions. In: BIOCHAR, August 20-23, 2018, Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Abstract... 2018.

    Abstract: Macauba (Acrocomiaaculeata) is a palm tree native to the savannah-like area of Central Brazil. As a result of the oil extraction from its coconuts, a dark stiff residue, the “endocarp”, rich in lignin content, has a potential for being exploited as feedstock for biochar production. This study investigates the activation of biochar obtained from slow pyrolysis of the macauba coconut residue in order to remove uranium from aqueous solutions. The non-activated biochar, referred to as “BC350”, is produced at a pyrolytic temperature of 350°C under Ar atmosphere and a 1- hour residence time. The activated biochar was produced the same way and was further subjected to activation via physical route using CO2 at 850°C for 120 min. The product of this treatment was named “BC350-A”. Both biochars were characterized by specific surface area. The surface area increased from 0.832 (untreated biochar) to 643.12 m2 g-1, confirming the improvement of the porosity. The removal efficiency for uranyl ions (U(VI)) increased from 80.5 (untreated biochar) to 99.2% for 5 mg L-1 initial concentration solution adjusted to pH 3 using a 10 g L-1dosage. Adsorption isotherms were employed to represent the results of the U adsorption onto the BC350-A. An estimation of the best fit was performed by calculating different deviation equations, also called error functions. The Redlich-Peterson isotherm model was the most appropriate for fitting the experimental data. This hybrid model incorporates both Langmuir and Freundlich’s isotherm functionalities. These results demonstrate that a valueadded material can be produced, encouraging the exploration of thermochemical conversion of lignocellulosic biomasses.


  • IPEN-DOC 13328

    PONCE, P.; LUGAO, A.B. . Active packaging for fresh-cut fruits. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ENGENHARIA E CIENCIA DOS MATERIAIS, 18., 24-28 de novembro, 2008, Porto de Galinhas, PE. Resumos... 2008. p. 12059.

    Palavras-Chave: fruits; packaging; polypropylene; biodegradation; cassava; starch; films


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