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  • IPEN-DOC 00826

    DIAS, AMORY M. . Avaliacao das seccoes de choque do Th-232 e U-233. 1976. Dissertacao (Mestrado) - Escola Politecnica, Universidade de Sao Paulo - POLI/USP, Sao Paulo. 82 p. Orientador: Willen Jan Oosterkamp.

    Palavras-Chave: accuracy; comparative evaluations; experimental data; graphs; integral cross sections; kev range 100-1000; theoretical data; thorium 232; uranium 233


  • IPEN-DOC 12020

    PEREIRA, MARIA da C.C. ; MADI FILHO, TUFIC ; HAMADA, MARGARIDA M. . Dependence of scintillation characteristics in the CsI:Br cristals on Brsup(-) concentrations under gamma excitations. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE; MEETING ON NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS, 8th/ MEETING ON REACTOR PHYSICS AND THERMAL HYDRAULICS, 15th, Sept. 30 - Oct. 5, 2007, Santos, SP. Proceedings... Sao Paulo: ABEN, 2007, 2007.

    Palavras-Chave: bridgman method; bromine additions; cesium iodides; crystal doping; crystal growth; energy resolution; energy spectra; experimental data; gamma radiation; kev range 100-1000; luminescence; microhardness


  • IPEN-DOC 16118

    MOREIRA, D.S.; KOSKINAS, M.F. ; DIAS, M.S. ; YAMAZAKI, I.M. . Determination of sup(198)Au X-rays emission probabilities. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, v. 68, n. 7-8, p. 1566-1570, 2010.

    Palavras-Chave: calibration; coincidence methods; emission; energy absorption; extrapolation; gamma radiation; gold 197 target; gold 198; high-purity ge detectors; ipen-mb-1 reactor; kev range 100-1000; monte carlo method; neutron beams; neutron flux; neutron reactions; nuclear decay; probability; spectrometers; standards; thermal neutrons; x radiation


  • IPEN-DOC 06594

    SILVA, R.E.; RZYSKI, B.M.. Dosimetria com filmes radiocromicos em feixes de eletrons entre 0,5 MeV e 1,5 Mev - parametros limitantes. In: 7o. CONGRESSO GERAL DE ENERGIA NUCLEAR, 31 de agosto - 3 de setembro, 1999, Belo Horizonte, MG. 1999.

    Palavras-Chave: electron beams; kev range 100-1000; mev range 01-10; cellulose esters; acetates; film dosimetry; materials; irradiation; radiation doses


  • IPEN-DOC 14897

    MORALLES, M. ; JANKER, P.; LOBNER, K.E.G.; PASCHOLATI, P.R.. Energy of the first excited state of sup(43)Ar. Physical Review, C, v. 79, n. 3, p. 037302-1 - 037302-4, 2009.

    Palavras-Chave: argon 43; beryllium 9; coincidence methods; excited states; gamma decay; gamma radiation; ground states; kev range 100-1000; nuclear reactions; protons; sulfur 36


  • IPEN-DOC 01268

    PAIANO SOBRINHO, S.; CARVALHO, M.. Experiments with 400 KeV van de Graaff used as a pulsed neutrons source. In: STUDY GROUP MEETING ON THE UTILIZATION OF RESEARCH REACTORS, Nov. 4-8, 1963, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. 1963.

    Palavras-Chave: diffusion length; kev range 100-1000; neutron sources; thermal neutrons; total cross sections; van de graaff accelerators


  • IPEN-DOC 01318

    LIVI, F.P.; SCHAF, J.; ZAWISLAK, F.C.; GUALDA, J.M.; SAXENA, R.N. . G-Factors of the 264 keV and 632 keV states in sup(77)As. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HYPERFINE INTERACTIONS STUDIES IN NUCLEAR REACTIONS AND DECAY, Jun. 10-14, 1974, Uppsala, Sweden. 1974.

    Palavras-Chave: arsenic 77; germanium 77; gyromagnetic ratio; hyperfine structure; iron; kev range 100-1000; magnetic fields; perturbed angular correlation


  • IPEN-DOC 10441

    SALVADOR, P.A.V. ; RELA, P.R. ; COSTA, F.E. ; CALVO, W.A.P. ; HAMADA, M.M. . Gamma scanning of industrial column for water treatment comparing two scintillator detectors: CsI(Tl)and NaI(Tl). In: INTERNATIONAL JOINT MEETING/CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL CONJUNTO, Jul. 11-14, 2004, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Proceedings... 2004.

    Palavras-Chave: absorption; cesium 137; cesium iodides; cobalt 60; concretes; diagrams; distillation equipment; electric potential; errors; experimental data; gamma radiation; images; kev range 100-1000; mass; photomultipliers; radiation detectors; sodium iodides; thallium; thickness; water treatment


  • IPEN-DOC 15171


    Palavras-Chave: beta decay; gamma radiation; gamma spectra; gamma spectroscopy; high-purity ge detectors; kev range 100-1000; nuclear structure; numerical data; resolution; tellurium 127


  • IPEN-DOC 06510

    LIMA, W. ; POLI, D.C.R.. Generalized empirical equation for the extrapolated range of electrons in elemental and compound materials. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON TECHNIQUES FOR HIGH DOSE DOSIMETRY IN INDUSTRY, AGRICULTURE AND MEDICINE, November 2-5, 1998, Vienna, Austria. 1998. p. 249-256.

    Palavras-Chave: extrapolation; range; electrons; electron beams; equations; ev range 100-1000; kev range 01-10; kev range 10-100; kev range 100-1000; mev range 10-100


  • IEA-PUB-312

    DEUS, S.F.; WATANABE, S.. Intercomparison between photographic, thermoluminescent and radiophotoluminescent dosimeters. 1973. 20 p.

    Palavras-Chave: comparative evaluations; corrections; dose-response relationships; energy dependence; kev range 10-100; kev range 100-1000; performance testing; personnel dosimetry; personnel monitoring; photographic film dosemeters; response functions; rpl dosemeters; sensitivity; thermoluminescent dosemeters


  • IPEN-DOC 23827

    ZAHN, G.S. ; GENEZINI, F.A. ; TICIANELLI, R.B. ; SAIKI, M. . Long-term performance assessment of HPGE detectors used in the neutron activation analysis laboratory of IPEN-CNEN/SP (Brazil). Applied Radiation and Isotopes, v. 125, p. 108-112, 2017. DOI: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2017.04.012

    Abstract: In this work, verification data for 11 HPGe detectors from two different manufacturers and three different intrinsic configurations were analyzed in respect to the stability of both the efficiency and resolution for the 122 keV peak from 57Co and the 1332 keV peak from 60Co. The results allow a discussion about the stability of these parameters over time (in some cases, almost 15 years), their sensitivity to imminent detector failures and their performance after a failure has been corrected; moreover, the results show a clear correlation between the manufacturer or configuration and the long-term performance of the detector.

    Palavras-Chave: cobalt 57; cobalt 60; detection; efficiency; high-purity ge detectors; kev range 100-1000; manufacturers; neutron activation analysis; performance; resolution; stability


  • IPEN-DOC 07808

    YAMASHITA, M.T.; BRINGAS GUTIERREZ, F.; PASCHOLATI, P.R.; GOLDMAN, I.D.. Medida da seccao de choque de reacoes raras com protons. In: REUNIAO DE TRABALHO SOBRE FISICA NUCLEAR NO BRASIL, 21., 8-12 set, 1998, Itatiaia, RJ. Resumos... 1998. p. 120.

    Palavras-Chave: proton reactions; cross sections; energy-level transitions; gamma spectra; aluminium 27 target; beryllium 7; sodium 22; kev range 100-1000; mev range 01-10; cluster model


  • IPEN-DOC 07839

    MEDEIROS, I.M.M.A.; ZAMBONI, C.B. ; MEDEIROS, J.A.G.; GENEZINI, F.A. ; CRUZ, M.T.F.; ZEVALLOS CHAVEZ, J.Y.. New gamma transitions from the decay of 1,7h sup(149)Nd. In: REUNIAO DE TRABALHO SOBRE FISICA NUCLEAR NO BRASIL, 22., 8-12 set, 1999, Sao Lourenco, MG. Resumos... 1999. p. 26-28.

    Palavras-Chave: neodymium 149; beta decay; gamma spectra; multiplets; coincidence spectrometry; energy-level transitions; kev range 100-1000; deformed nuclei; nuclear models


  • IPEN-DOC 16121

    KOSKINAS, MARINA F. ; MOREIRA, DENISE S.; YAMAZAKI, IONE M. ; TOLEDO, FABIO de ; BRANCACCIO, FRANCO ; DIAS, MAURO S. . Primary standardization of sup(57)Co. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, v. 68, n. 7-8, p. 1344-1348, 2010.

    Palavras-Chave: absorption; calibration; cobalt 57; coincidence methods; computerized simulation; extrapolation; gamma detection; gamma radiation; ge semiconductor detectors; kev range 100-1000; monte carlo method; nai detectors; standardization; x-ray spectrometers


  • IPEN-DOC 08272

    ZEVALLOS CHAVEZ, J.Y.; CRUZ, M.T.F.; MARTINS, M.N.; LIKHACHEV, V.P.; ZAMBONI, C.B. ; CAMARGO, S.P.; GENEZINI, F.A. ; MEDEIROS, J.A.G.; HINDI, M.M. Response function of a germanium detector to photon energies between 6 and 120 KeV. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, v. 457, Section A, p. 212-219, 2001.

    Palavras-Chave: high-purity ge detectors; response functions; kev range 01-10; kev range 10-100; kev range 100-1000; germanium; x radiation; escape peaks; compton effect; photons; analytic functions


  • IPEN-DOC 10565

    CORDEIRO, M.R.; CARBONARI, A.W. ; SAXENA, R.N. . Study of defects in silicon by means of perturbed angular gamma-gamma correlation spectroscopy. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE; ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE APLICACOES NUCLEARES, 7th, ago. 28 - set. 2, 2005, Santos, SP. Anais... Sao Paulo: ABEN, 2005, 2005.

    Palavras-Chave: annealing; cadmium 111; crystal defects; gamma cascades; indium 111; kev range 100-1000; monocrystals; perturbed angular correlation; silicon; temperature dependence


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