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  • IPEN-DOC 06654

    DUARTE, CELINA L. . Aplicacao do processo avancado de oxidacao por feixe de eletrons na degradacao de compostos organicos presentes em efluentes industriais. 1999. Tese (Doutoramento) - Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares - IPEN/CNEN-SP, Sao Paulo. 151 p. Orientador: Valdir Sciani.

    Palavras-Chave: electron beams; irradiation; industrial wastes; liquid wastes; radiolysis; radiation chemistry; organic chlorine compounds; methyl isobutyl ketone; aromatics; dyes


  • IPEN-DOC 25736

    FONTES, LADYJANE P. ; CORREA, EDUARDO L. ; POTIENS, MARIA da P.A. . Application of a Tandem system for HVL evaluation in computed tomography. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, v. 155, p. 62-64, 2019. DOI: 10.1016/j.radphyschem.2018.08.023

    Abstract: Computed tomography (CT) is a method of imaging used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Different from the conventional diagnostic radiology equipment, where the test for the determination of the half value layer (HVL) is recommended, in CT equipment due to its geometry, the determination of the HVL is a difficult task and is usually only provided by the manufacturer. The effective energy of a beam is determined by definition, by means of HVL determination. When HVL values are not easily determined, as in the case of CT, it is possible to evaluate the effective energy of the beam through a system consisting of the use of different energy dependent dosimeters, where the ratio between the calibration curve responses in energy can provide the effective energy of the beam (Tandem system). The system used in this work for the evaluation of HVL in computed tomography is composed of groups formed by an ionization chamber of the pencil-type and cylindrical absorber layers of aluminum and Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

    Palavras-Chave: tomography; computerized tomography; radiations; radiation chemistry; ionization chambers; pmma


  • IPEN-DOC 15258

    SOUZA, CLECIA M.; CHINELLATO, ANNE; MOURA, ESPERIDIANA A.B. . Avaliacao dos efeitos da radiacao por feixes de eletrons nas propriedades mecanicas do polipropileno. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE; MEETING ON NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS, 9th; MEETING ON REACTOR PHYSICS AND THERMAL HYDRAULICS, 16th; MEETING ON NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, 1st, September 27 - October 2, 2009, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Proceedings... Sao Paulo: ABEN, 2009, 2009.

    Palavras-Chave: chemical radiation effects; dose rates; electron beam ion sources; electron beams; electrons; gamma radiation; gamma sources; gamma spectra; polyethylenes; polymers; radiation chemistry; radiation doses; radiations


  • IPEN-DOC 24323

    AL-SHEIKHLY, MOHAMAD; VARCA, GUSTAVO H.C. . Editorial. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, v. 143, n. SI, p. 1-2, 2018. DOI: 10.1016/j.radphyschem.2017.11.011

    Palavras-Chave: electron beams; radiation chemistry; physical chemistry; linear momentum transfer; irradiation


  • IPEN-DOC 02758

    MUSICO FILHO, WALTER . Efeito da radiacao ionizante no prolipropileno nacional. 1995. Dissertacao (Mestrado) - Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares - IPEN/CNEN-SP, Sao Paulo. 101 p. Orientador: Selma Matheus Loureiro Guedes.

    Palavras-Chave: polypropylene; ionizing radiations; radiation chemistry


  • IPEN-DOC 15256

    SHIMAZAKI, KLEBER; CHINELLATO, ANNE; MOURA, ESPERIDIANA A.B. . Efeito da radiacao por feixe de eletrons sobre as propriedades mecanicas do polietileno de alta densidade. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE; MEETING ON NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS, 9th; MEETING ON REACTOR PHYSICS AND THERMAL HYDRAULICS, 16th; MEETING ON NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, 1st, September 27 - October 2, 2009, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Proceedings... Sao Paulo: ABEN, 2009, 2009.

    Palavras-Chave: biophysics; dose rates; electron beams; electrons; irradiation; mechanical properties; physical metallurgy; polyethylenes; radiation chemistry; radiation doses; radiation effects; radiations


  • IPEN-DOC 14485

    NARDI, DANIELA T.; CASARE, MURILO S.; TEIXEIRA, LUIS G.D.; NASCIMENTO, NANCI ; NAKAIE, CLOVIS R.. Effect of gamma radiation on the structural and biological properties of angiotensin II. International Journal of Radiation Biology, v. 84, n. 11, p. 937-944, 2008.

    Palavras-Chave: angiotensin; gamma radiation; biological radiation effects; cobalt 60; radiation chemistry; structural chemical analysis; toxins; snakes; venoms


  • IPEN-DOC 15257

    MUNHOZ, MARA M.L.; OLIVEIRA, VITOR M.; ORTIZ, ANGEL V.; MOURA, ESPERIDIANA A.B. . Estudo dos efeitos da dose de radiacao por feixe de eletrons nas propriedades mecanicas do filme flexivel multicamadas PET/PP. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE; MEETING ON NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS, 9th; MEETING ON REACTOR PHYSICS AND THERMAL HYDRAULICS, 16th; MEETING ON NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, 1st, September 27 - October 2, 2009, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Proceedings... Sao Paulo: ABEN, 2009, 2009.

    Palavras-Chave: chemical radiation effects; dose rates; electron beam ion sources; electron beams; electrons; gamma radiation; gamma sources; gamma spectra; polyethylenes; polymers; radiation chemistry; radiation doses; radiations


  • IPEN-DOC 01001

    ITO, AMANDO S. . Estudo por RPE de radicais livres induzidos por radiacao X e gama. 1975. Dissertacao (Mestrado) - Instituto de Fisica, Universidade de Sao Paulo - IF/USP, Sao Paulo. 70 p. Orientador: Sadao Isotani.

    Palavras-Chave: electrons; electron spin resonance; radicals; gamma radiation; radiation chemistry; x radiation


  • IPEN-DOC 13059

    VALGODE, FLAVIA G.S.; SOARES, CARLOS R.J. ; BARTOLINI, PAOLO ; OKAZAKI, KAYO . Evaluation of radioinduced damage and repair capacity in human breast cancer cells, MCF-7 and T-47D. International Journal of Low Radiation, v. 6, n. 4, p. 343-351, 2009.

    Palavras-Chave: biological radiation effects; blood; carcinomas; cobalt 60; dna damages; dna repair; dose-response relationships; electrophoresis; experimental data; gamma radiation; mammary glands; radiation chemistry; radiation doses; time dependence; tumor cells


  • IPEN-DOC 11452

    ZEN, HELOISA A.; GERALDES, ADRIANA N. ; PARRA, DUCLERC F. ; LUGAO, ADEMAR B. ; LINARDI, MARCELO . Grafting of styrene onto polypropylene using chemistry radiation. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MACROMOLECULES, 41st, July 16-21, 2006, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Proceedings... 2006.

    Palavras-Chave: polypropylene; graft polymers; styrene; radiation chemistry; gamma radiation; ionizing radiations; morphological changes; fourier transformation; infrared spectra; calorimeters; thermal gravimetric analysis


  • IPEN-PUB-276

    DEL MASTRO, N.L. . Nocoes de quimica da radiacao em sistemas biologicos. 1989. 17 p.

    Palavras-Chave: biological materials; biological radiation effects; radiation chemistry; radicals


  • IPEN-DOC 05332

    QUEIROZ, ALVARO A.A. de . Obtencao de copolimeros de enxerto via radiacao ionizante caracterizacao e estudo de suas propriedades hemocompativeis. 1993. Tese (Doutoramento) - Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares - IPEN/CNEN-SP, Sao Paulo. 157 p. Orientador: Olga Zazuco Higa.

    Palavras-Chave: graft polymers; biotechnology; polymerization; ionizing radiations; radiation chemistry; chemical radiation effects; radiation doses; polyethylenes; adsorption; gels; organic polymers; biological materials


  • IPEN-DOC 10757

    CARDOSO, E.C.L.; GERALDES, A.N. ; RIBEIRO, M.S.; SANTOS, W.V.C.; PARRA, D.F. ; LUGAO, A.B. . Pre-polimerizacao de misturas acrilicas via irradiacao gama. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE; ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE APLICACOES NUCLEARES, 7th, ago. 28 - set. 2, 2005, Santos, SP. Anais... Sao Paulo: ABEN, 2005, 2005.

    Palavras-Chave: chemical radiation effects; cross-linking; gamma radiation; pmma; polyesters; radiation chemistry; radiation doses; resins; scanning electron microscopy; sol-gel process


  • IPEN-DOC 01150

    CASTAGNET, A.C.; KADOI, H.; SZULAK, C.; YAMASAKI, M.C.R.; ROCCA, H.C. . Radiation-induced industrial processes studied at 'Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares' (IPEN), Sao Paulo, Brazil. In: 2nd JAPAN-BRAZIL SYMPOSIUM ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, Oct. 13-16, 1980, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. 1980.

    Observação: arquivo não disponível no Repositório

    Palavras-Chave: cross-linking; ethylene; gamma radiation; iear-1 reactor; irradiation plants; polymerization; radiation chemistry; sewage sludge; waste processing; wastes


  • IPEN-DOC 11732

    VASCONCELLOS, M.B.A. ; SAIKI, M. . Radiochemistry teaching and research activities in Brasil. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, v. 270, n. 1, p. p. 263-267, 2006.

    Palavras-Chave: brazil; education; nuclear chemistry; nuclear energy; nuclear physics; radiation chemistry; radiochemistry; research programs


  • IPEN-DOC 22652

    VARCA, G.H.C. ; KADLUBOWSKI, S.; WOLSZCZAK, M.; LUGAO, A.B. ; ROSIAK, J.M.; ULANSKI, P.. Synthesis of papain nanoparticles by electron beam irradiation – A pathway for controlled enzyme crosslinking. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, v. 92, p. 654-659, 2016. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2016.07.070

    Abstract: Crosslinked enzyme aggregates comprise more stable and highly concentrated enzymatic preparationsof current biotechnological and biomedical relevance. This work reports the development of crosslinkednanosized papain aggregates using electron beam irradiation as an alternative route for controlledenzyme crosslinking. The nanoparticles were synthesized in phosphate buffer using various ethanol con-centrations and electron beam irradiation doses. Particle size increase was monitored using dynamiclight scattering. The crosslinking formation by means of bityrosine linkages were measured by fluores-cence spectra and the enzymatic activity was monitored using Na-Benzoyl-dl-arginine p-nitroanilidehydrochloride as a substrate. The process led to crosslinked papain nanoparticles with controlled sizesranging from 6 to 11 nm depending upon the dose and ethanol concentration. The irradiation atmosphereplayed an important role in the final bioactivity of the nanoparticles, whereas argon and nitrous oxidesaturated systems were more effective than at atmospheric conditions in terms of preserving papain enzy-matic activity. Highlighted advantages of the technique include the lack of monomers and crosslinkingagents, quick processing with reduced bioactivity changes, and the possibility to be performed inside thefinal package simultaneously with sterilization.

    Palavras-Chave: synthesis; papain; nanoparticles; electron beams; gamma radiation; radiation chemistry


  • IPEN-DOC 20559

    VARCA, GUSTAVO H.C. ; KADLUBOWSKI, SLAWOMIR; WOLSZCZAK, MARIAN; LUGAO, ADEMAR B. ; ROSIAK, JANUSZ M.; ULANSKI, PIOTR. Synthesis of papain nanoparticles using E-beam and gamma irradiation: a radiation chemistry approach. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY CONGRESS, 4th, September 14-19, 2014, Maresias, São Paulo. Abstract... 2014. p. 115.

    Palavras-Chave: synthesis; papain; nanostructures; particles; electron beams; gamma radiation; radiation chemistry; fluorescence


  • IEA-INF-18

    INSTITUTO de ENERGIA ATOMICA. The radiochemistry laboratories of the 'Instituto de Energia Atomica', Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1970. p.

    Palavras-Chave: radiation chemistry; radiochemistry; research programs


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