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  • IPEN-DOC 26183

    COUTINHO, SUELLEN N. ; FIGUEIREDO, ANA MARIA G. ; QUINAGLIA, GILSON A; HELD, BARBARA. Accumulation of rare earth elements, U and Th in floating macrophytes from the Guarapiranga Reservoir. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE, October 21-25, 2019, Santos, SP. Proceedings... Rio de Janeiro: Associação Brasileira de Energia Nuclear, 2019. p. 835-844.

    Abstract: Macrophytes play a relevant role in aquatic environments since they may accumulate metallic elements and can be an important tool for bioaccumulation studies, especially concerning an important and strategic water supply as Guarapiranga Reservoir. The reservoir is one of the main water supply systems in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, contributing with 20% of the water provided to the region, which represents a water supply for about 3.7 million people. The industrial use of rare earth elements (REEs) has increased in the last years, affecting the levels of REEs in urban environments. Information about REEs accumulation in macrophytes of reservoirs are scarce, and none for Guarapiranga Reservoir. This study aims to evaluate REEs, U and Th concentration in floating macrophytes of Guarapiranga Reservoir, in order to assess possible sources and potential environmental impacts. Sampling was performed with the support of the Environmental Agency of the state of São Paulo (CETESB) in three points along the reservoir for dry (September 2016) and wet season (March and April 2016). Macrophyte samples were analyzed by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) for REEs and Th and by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP MS) for U. The results obtained were compared to Guarapiranga soil values and to other study using floating macrophytes, indicating a natural source of these elements in Guarapiranga Reservoir.

    Palavras-Chave: aquatic ecosystems; environmental impacts; icp mass spectroscopy; neutron activation analysis; plants; radioecological concentration; rare earths; thorium; uranium; brazil


  • IPEN-DOC 19393

    SALIBA SILVA, A.M. ; OLIVEIRA, E.T. ; GARCIA, P.H.L.; DURAZZO, M. . Acidic aqueous uranium electrodeposition for target fabrication. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE; MEETING ON NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS, 11th; MEETING ON REACTOR PHYSICS AND THERMAL HYDRAULICS, 18th; MEETING ON NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, 3rd, November 24-29, 2013, Recife, PE. Proceedings... Sao Paulo: ABEN, 2013, 2013.

    Palavras-Chave: acidification; aqueous solutions; deposits; electrochemistry; electrodeposition; electroplating; nickel; solutes; substrates; uranium; uranium 235 target; uranium oxides


  • IPEN-DOC 06180

    YAMAURA, M. ; MATSUDA, H.T.. Actinides and fission products extraction behavior in TBP/XAD7 chromatographic column. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, v. 224, n. 1/2, p. 83-87, 1997.

    Palavras-Chave: actinides; fission products; uranium; plutonium; nitric acid; ion exchange chromatography; tbp; organic ion exchangers


  • IPEN-DOC 15251

    HOLLAND, HELBER; YAMAURA, MITIKO . Adsorcao de ions uranilo em nanoparticulas de magnetita. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE; MEETING ON NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS, 9th; MEETING ON REACTOR PHYSICS AND THERMAL HYDRAULICS, 16th; MEETING ON NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, 1st, September 27 - October 2, 2009, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Proceedings... Sao Paulo: ABEN, 2009, 2009.

    Palavras-Chave: adsorption; ferrite; iron oxides; iron; magnetite; separation processes; sorptive properties; surface properties; uranium compounds; uranium ions; uranium nitrates; uranium


  • IPEN-DOC 06419

    FRAJNDLICH, E.U.C. ; SALIBA SILVA, A.M. ; ZORZETTO, M.A. . Alternative route for UFsub(6) conversion towards UF sub(4) to produce metallic uranium. In: 21st INTERNATIONAL MEETING ON REDUCED ENRICHMENT FOR RESEARCH AND TEST REACTORS, October 18-23, 1998, Sao Paulo, SP. 1998.

    Palavras-Chave: uranium hexafluoride; uranium tetrafluoride; uranium; metals; chemical preparation; hydrolysis; tin chlorides; reduction; reducing agents


  • IPEN-DOC 01194

    CORREA, F.. An evaluation of Tight-Pitch PWR cores. In: 2nd JAPAN-BRAZIL SYMPOSIUM ON SCIENCE AND TECHMOLOGY, Oct. 13-16, 1980, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. 1980.

    Observação: arquivo não disponível no Repositório

    Palavras-Chave: cost; fuel cycle; l codes; optimization; pwr type reactors; reprocessing; thorium; uranium


  • IPEN-DOC 01211

    ABRAO, A. ; FRANCA JUNIOR, J.M.; ARAUJO, J.A. ; CUSSIOL FILHO, A.; RIBAS, A.G.S.; GOCHNARG, I.. An ion-exchange pilot plant for the preparation of nuclear pure uranium compounds. In: 2nd INTERAMERICAN CONFERENCE ON MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY, Aug. 24, 1970, Mexico City, Mexico. 1970.

    Observação: arquivo não disponível no Repositório

    Palavras-Chave: ammonium uranates; edta; ion exchange; oxalic acid; pilot plants; precipitation; production; rare earths; separation processes; sodium compounds; thorium; uranates; uranium; uranyl nitrates; impurities


  • IPEN-DOC 18217

    SOUZA, ALEXANDRE L. de; COTRIM, MARYCEL E.B. ; PIRES, MARIA A.F. . An overview of spectrometric techniques and sample preparation for the detrmination of impurities in uranium nuclear fuel grade. Microchemical Journal, v. 106, p. 194-201, 2013.

    Palavras-Chave: nuclear fuels; uranium; sample preparation; impurities; separation processes; spectroscopy


  • IPEN-DOC 06567

    SHIBUYA, E.K.; SARKIS, J.E.S. . Analise de amostras solidas pela tecnica de ablacao a laser-HR-ICPMS(LA-HRICPMS). In: 7o. CONGRESSO GERAL DE ENERGIA NUCLEAR, 31 de agosto - 3 de setembro, 1999, Belo Horizonte, MG. 1999.

    Palavras-Chave: ablation; icp mass spectroscopy; glass; platinum; gold; calibration standards; experimental data; lanthanum; quantitative chemical analysis; rhodium; ruthenium; sample preparation; strontium; thorium; uranium


  • IPEN-DOC 07279

    PIASENTIN, R.M. ; ARMELIN, M.J.A. ; PRIMAVESI, O.. Analise de elementos toxicos em duas variedades de guandu (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp), cultivadas em solos tratados, por ativacao com neutrons. In: CONGRESSO GERAL DE ENERGIA NUCLEAR, 8.; ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE APLICACOES NUCLEARES, 5., 5-20 out, 2000, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Anais... Rio de Janeiro: ABEN, 2000, 2000.

    Palavras-Chave: neutron activation analysis; multi-element analysis; leguminosae; leaves; arsenic; antimony; thorium; uranium; toxic materials; fertilizers; nutrients; limestone; phosphorus oxides


  • IPEN-DOC 04559

    CRUZ, F.C.; DESTRO, M.G.; MIRAGE, A. ; PEREIRA, D.; SCALABRIN, A.; SCHWAB, C.. Analise de formas de linhas em espectroscopia optogalvanica de intermodulacao no uranio. In: 5o. SIMPOSIO ESTADUAL DE LASERS E APLICACOES, 26-28 de outubro, 1992, Sao Paulo, SP. 1992.

    Palavras-Chave: uranium; spectroscopy; line broadening; lasers


  • IPEN-DOC 05536

    OLIVEIRA NETO, J.M. ; NARDOCCI, A.C.; WOIBLET JUNIOR, P.F.. Analise de risco em instalacoes de enriquecimento isotopico de uranio. In: 5o. CONGRESSO GERAL DE ENERGIA NUCLEAR, 28 de agosto - 2 de setembro, 1994, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. 1994. p. 553-558.

    Palavras-Chave: isotope separation plants; uranium; risk assessment


  • IPEN-DOC 03481

    LOPES, V.M. ; RZYSKI, B.M.. Analise de um sistema de evaporacao de liquidos contendo uranio e outros elementos quimicos em funcao das leis e normas vigentes. In: 6o. CONGRESSO GERAL DE ENERGIA NUCLEAR, 27 de outubro - 1 de novembro, 1996, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. 1996.

    Palavras-Chave: nuclear industry; liquid wastes; uranium; sludges; evaporation; solar heating; electric power; standards


  • IPEN-DOC 07434

    SALIBA SILVA, A.M. ; RODRIGUES, V.A.; DURAZZO, M. . Analise microestrutural da liga Usub(3)Sisub(2) nao-enriquecida. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ENGENHARIA E CIENCIA DOS MATERIAIS, 13.; SEMINARIO DE MATERIAIS PARA O SETOR ELETRICO, 6., 6-9 dez, 1998, Curitiba, PR. Anais... 1998. p. 1334-1340.

    Palavras-Chave: uranium alloys; silicon alloys; uranium; silicon; melting; solidification; microstructure; scanning electron microscopy; fuel elements


  • IPEN-DOC 05141

    COELHO, P.R.P. ; HOLLAND, L. . Analise nao destrutiva da massa de uranio em elemento combustivel de reator tipo MTR. In: 3o. ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE FISICA DE REATORES, 11-14 de dezembro, 1982, Itaipava, RJ. 1982. p. 403-412.

    Palavras-Chave: uranium; nondestructive analysis; delayed neutron analysis; fuel elements; pwr type reactors


  • IPEN-DOC 12897

    COELHO, PAULO R.P. . Analise nao destrutiva da massa de uranio natural atraves da medida de neutrons atrasados com o uso da tecnica de fonte pulsada de neutrons rapidos. 1979. Dissertacao (Mestrado) - Escola Politecnica, Universidade de Sao Paulo - POLI/USP, 111 p. Orientador: Lao Holland.

    Palavras-Chave: actinides; uranium; materials testing; nondestructive testing; neutron beams; pulsed neutron techniques


  • IPEN-DOC 03672

    VASCONCELLOS, M.B.A. ; FIGUEIREDO, A.M.G. . Analise por ativacao neutronica em amostras geologicas contendo terras raras, uranio e torio. In: ESCOLA DE VERAO JORGE A. SWIECA - 4a. SESSAO DE FISICA NUCLEAR EXPERIMENTAL, 5-16 de fevereiro, 1990, Sao Paulo, SP. 1990.

    Palavras-Chave: rare earths; uranium; thorium; neutron activation analysis


  • IPEN-DOC 00068

    ABRAO, ALCIDIO . Analise por ativação, determinação simultanea de ouro e uranio. Selecta Chimica, v. 19, p. 75-98, 1960.

    Palavras-Chave: activation analysis; gold; uranium; neutron activation analysis


  • IPEN-DOC 00488

    MORAES, NOEMIA M.P. de . Analises isotopicas de uranio por espectrometria de massa termoionica. 1978. Dissertacao (Mestrado) - Instituto de Energia Atomica - IEA, Sao Paulo. 118 p. Orientador: Claudio Rodrigues.

    Palavras-Chave: actinides; uranium; concentration ratio; isotope ratio; spectroscopy; mass spectroscopy


  • IPEN-DOC 09079

    MIGLIAVACCA, S.C.P. ; RODRIGUES, C. ; NASCIMENTO, C.A.O.. Analysis and optimization of gas-centrifugal separation of uranium isotopes by neural networks. Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, v. 19, n. 3, p. 299-306, 2002.

    Palavras-Chave: neural networks; isotope separation; gas centrifuges; optimization; uranium; uranium isotopes; mathematical models


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