Polysaccharide-based nanotechnology approaches to deliver bioactive compounds for food applications

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Advances in Chemical Engineering
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Nanoencapsulation based on natural polysaccharides effectively protects and improves the bioavailability of different bioactive compounds. Food polysaccharides have essential functional properties to compose targeted delivery nanosystems in the intestine. This chapter describes the characteristics of the leading natural polysaccharides used as nanocarriers for application in food products. Also, it demonstrates the principal methodologies used for elaboration and applicability, indicating the characterization methods mechanisms for the formation and targeted release. The essential biomaterials for this purpose are chitosan, cellulose, and pectin, which can be used alone or combined with proteins to form nano-gels with multiple functionalities. Several methodologies can be used for preparation, such as molecular self-organization and ionic gelation. Nanoencapsulated bioactives based on these polysaccharides can be protected, maintain functional properties, thus increasing the absorption and bioavailability. Biocompatibility, biodegradability, and nontoxicity are the highlighted advantages of these biopolymers. In addition, they can be extracted from sustainable sources, such as industrial by-products. Several studies have proven the advantages and relevancy of biomaterials for protection against the environment, factors intrinsic to human digestion, and enhancing the beneficial effects of biologically active compounds. Nanoencapsulation based on polysaccharides effectively enables the inclusion of these compounds in foods or to develop new dietary supplements.

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ROSALES, THIECLA K.O.; FABI, JOAO P. Polysaccharide-based nanotechnology approaches to deliver bioactive compounds for food applications. In: MOSCATELLI, DAVIDE (ed.). Advances in Chemical Engineering. 1. Cambridge, MA: Academic Press Inc., 2023. v. 62, cap. 7. p. 215-256. DOI: 10.1016/bs.ache.2023.08.001. Disponível em: https://repositorio.ipen.br/handle/123456789/47904. Acesso em: 22 Jul 2024.
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