Determination of potassium-40 in some beer styles

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Essays on nuclear energy and radioactive waste management
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The radiation from radioactive isotopes of the natural radioactive series of thorium (Th-232) and uranium (U-238 and U-235), as well as radioactive potassium (K-40), are the major contributors of natural terrestrial radiation. The K-40 is a radionuclide that occurs naturally in a fixed ratio with the stable potassium. Potassium is an essential element for humans and its concentration in the body is controlled by metabolic processes. Beer is a highly widespread drink and is consumed worldwide. One of the great characteristics of the variety of beers, in their styles, is the possibility of using innumerable ingredients in their production, such as different fruits, seasonings, leaves and roots, grains, malts and hops, and the choice of ingredients can interfere directly in their properties. The present study presents the K-40 determination in beers with different styles applying the technique of analysis by gamma spectrometry. Reference material IAEA-327-Soil was analyzed for validation of the methodology. The results differ mainly due to the different raw materials used in the beer production.

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SMITH, RICARDO B.; VICENTE, ROBERTO; CHEBERLE, LUAN T.V.; ROSA, MYCHELLE M.L. Determination of potassium-40 in some beer styles. In: SMITH, RICARDO B. (org.). Essays on nuclear energy and radioactive waste management. 1 ed.. São Paulo, SP: Gênio Criador Editora, 2021. , cap. 8. p. 118-129. Disponível em: Acesso em: 21 Jul 2024.
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